Editorial Policies

Editorial Independence

Beacon’s editorial team has full discretion and control over what we publish in the magazine. We reserve the right to reject submissions that don’t align with the company’s values, and edit submissions to meet our standards. While we will occasionally, at our discretion, allow subjects of our profiles to review content for accuracy, Beacon retains the final word on everything we publish.

How We Make Money

Beacon makes its revenue by selling advertisement and subscriptions to its online magazine. We occasionally partner with other businesses, often in the form of trade for products and/or services.

Advertising and Promotion

Beacon runs paid advertising in the magazine. When profiling entrepreneurs or publishing contributed articles, we typically include a link ourselves or allow the subjects to link to their own work or businesses on a limited basis.

Coverage Decisions

Our editorial subject matter is guided by our staff’s judgment and interests, direct audience input, interests of our audience based on search term frequency, and our own product offerings. There is typically a strong overlap among these sources, but the final arbiter is the extent to which we believe our content will serve our reader’s needs. We will never publish something that we do not strongly believe will be useful to our audience (even if there’s financial incentive for Beacon).

Open Mindedness

We guide our writers and contributors, but allow and encourage latitude in how they approach a topic and during their process of discovery during research. We’re not dogmatic on any subject, and frequently publish perspectives that are very different from what’s worked for us, what we’ve published in the past, or even sold as a product.


We will often profile or highlight entrepreneurs or businesses we are partnering or collaborating with. When promoting, profiling, or inviting a contribution from a business or entrepreneur with which Beacon has a financial relationship or partnership, we will always prominently disclose that relationship. That being said, we pursue partnerships, financial or otherwise, with the goal of serving our audience and select our partners based on how well they can meet that mission.


In all of its publications, Beacon strives for accuracy and the most current information possible. That means always linking to original sourcing of information, checking contested facts with sources themselves, and correcting and updating our articles as necessary. From time to time, that will mean updating previous articles to keep up with changing information, and in such cases, we will include an editor’s note indicating that is the case.

Citation and Linking

All images and facts in all articles are cited and/or linked back to the original source. If we only have a secondary or ambiguous sourcing for a fact, we will not publish it. We are not in the business of spreading online myths and misinformation or otherwise leading our community astray. All outbound links are to sites that are high quality, reputable, and directly relevant to the article and hyperlinked text.


We strive to create the most useful and comprehensive content available on the topic we are writing about. We don’t deal in “clickbait,” or disposable listicles. Our articles are meant to be bookmarked and revisited as ongoing reference sources.

Diversity of Perspectives

The world of business is global and diverse, and we strive to reflect that reality in our magazine. We work to present writers and subjects who are diverse in nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, and life experience.

Republished Content

The magazine and occasionally the blog will republish quality articles published on other outlets, always with express permission from the author and under that author’s byline. We lightly edit such content for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. We do not tolerate plagiarism, copying, or “spun” content on any of our platforms. We will also not “over-aggregate” other reporting or writing, meaning we don’t repost substantial portions or others’ work, even when cited. We will never pass others’ work off as our own.


Our community is why we exist. As such, we encourage commenting, sharing, social engagement, and email replies on all of our content. We do our best to engage and respond in a timely, thoughtful manner. We do not tolerate harassment, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity, or commercial promotion in our audience engagement