2019 Bcon Emerging Leaders (BELs)

Bcon Emerging Leaders is an annual recognition list to recognise the efforts of individuals who are building innovative and impactful enterprises or initiatives in Africa. This is typically determined by you. Our goal is to encourage individuals to build sustainable businesses no matter the level or industry they are in.


BELs is a recognition list. Nominations first happen and from the nominations, the finalists are selected and voting begins. As an individual, your works should be recognised by those in your community. They can nominate you and share how you/your work has impacted their lives.

Nominee must be African
Nominee's initiative/business must be making an impact
Nominee's business/initiative must be 2-5 years old


November 01, 2019

Nominations begin

November 14, 2019

Nominations close

December 4, 2019

List is released

How do I nominate?

You can nominate yourself or someone else.

One nomination per person.

Double nomination disqualifies your entry.

Fill the form below to start nomination process.

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