Bcon Podcast

Though it started out as a resource platform for digital marketing tips for personal brands (it still is for the solo episodes), the Bcon Podcast has evolved to share stories and conversations with the world’s most inspiring and successful personal brands. 

A lot of people have grown in their careers as entrepreneurs or employees and have gone through life’s test just to get to where they are.

One smart way to grow above these life’s test is by listening directly to those who have “been there, done that.” Join discussions about how these spectacular individuals have made it and stood out in their fields of interest.

The Bcon Podcast is an opportunity to learn from real life situations that make this show a “must-subscribe.”

The impeccable Joy Eneghalu dedicates this podcast to helping you build your way up in your career.

Listen as they share their firsthand experience, knowledge, and wisdom; giving you EXCLUSIVE access to what contributed to their success.

Every episode leaves you motivated and with clear action steps.